Historic Parsonage


This Georgian/Federal style house was likely built of Maytown brick around 1805. For many years, it was home to “Colonel” Thomas Houston, a captain in the War of 1812, real estate tycoon, and supporter of President James Buchanan. In 1881, the house was bought by Sen. Simon Cameron, Maytown’s most famous native son, who was born in a log cabin that once stood on the site of the side yard.

He presented the building to our church for use as a parsonage as the memorial to his birthplace and to his Lutheran wife, Margaretha. The parsonage has been home to many pastors since then, among them, Pastor Sutcliffe, whose son, Richard, was a famous radio broadcaster and producer of the “Davy and Goliath” children’s cartoon series.

The longest resident was Pastor Lescallette, who lived there for 40 years. It is now the home of Pastor James, Ana & Marit And

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11 N Queen St, Maytown, PA 17550